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New Year - New Resolutions - New You

New Years Resolutions - which were started by the Babylonians over 4,000 years ago according to internet sources - seem to always include vague promises to "lose weight", "get healthy", "go to the gym" and other health related resolutions. And, according to those same sources, only 8% of us are successful in keeping those goals!

At Walnut Street Health & Wellness we are committed to helping you with those goals. Start your 2017 with an annual wellness exam including lab testing. Most insurances are encouraging their insureds in preventive care and these tests are usually covered in part or full by most plans. With Angela and Alison's guidance we can help you set weight loss goals, recommend healthy lifestyle ideas and give you the support you need for a lifetime of success.

"Believe you can and you're halfway there" is a common phrase around here as we talk with our clients about lifestyle changes as a JOURNEY and not an event, a date, a size or a number. We commit ourselves every day as well and your success helps inspire us to make it another great day!

Here's to a healthy 2017! Follow us on our weekly updates here and Facebook.

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