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Fresh Fruit!

It won't be long before fresh strawberries will be ready....followed by blueberries, blackberries, raspberries! But until then, there are plenty of fruit options at your local grocery store. Citrus is still a favorite as winter winds down. Have you tried anything new lately?

Did you know avocados are fruit? And coconut? Try starfruit, mangos, dates, figs. A bit of fig jam on spread over goat cheese on a cracker - delicious snack! Make a fruit skewer by slicing firm fruit, putting on a skewer. Great with a barbeque! And while that grill is going, try grilling some pineapple.

One thing we enjoy around the office: fruit infused water! So easy to do, get a big pitcher of water and add your favorite fruit, let set. Lemon is always a good pick-me-up choice. Fruit smoothies are another great way to get in your fruit servings (5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day). Most fruit is naturally sweet, and makes a great "dessert" to end your meal.

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