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Raise your hand if you think you are getting enough sleep. Now - our guess is not too many of you said you were getting enough shut eye! It seems sleep deprivation is affecting many people. And each person is unique in what they need for sleep!

While 8 hour of sleep is recommended, some people get by with less, and others need 9-10 hours. So many things can affect your sleep pattern. If you find that you are tossing and turning, night after night, it's time to evaluate your routine!

Is your bedroom inviting to you? Take a good look - do you need to splurge on new sheets, pillows, covers? Or perhaps a good mattress or mattress topper would help. Is your room too cold or too hot? Then look at your evening routine - is caffeine one of your last drinks? Or alcohol? Did you fill up on food and are uncomfortable? All of these, and other things can influence your sleep pattern.

Finally, did you know that a good way to get your rest started is by shutting off the TV and other electronics. (Yes, that includes your phone.) Take an hour to unwind some other way. Read something from your stash. Make a "to do" list for tomorrow. Lay out your wardrobe for the next day. Take a relaxing bath with some favorite scents. If you feel you have made the changes you need, and it's not working, tell your healthcare provider.

Need some motivation to make these changes? Sleep affects your mood, your weight, your health. Good night!

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