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The Little Injection that Could

We've all heard about the benefits of vitamins, probably since we were little kids chewing on those Flintstone Vitamins! I am one of Angela's patients, and I want to share an "AH HAH!" moment with you.

These past few months have been extremely hectic for me. The result was overwhelming fatigue. One Sunday I got up, was having coffee before going to church, and fell asleep in my chair. I missed services. When I mentioned this to Angela, her response was, "Let's get you a Vitamin B-12 shot". I had never had one before, and really did not expect much, but I trust her and said ok.

So - I got the shot, and literally, TWO DAYS LATER - felt so much better! I had energy again and wasn't falling asleep as soon as I got up. I can't say that I am back to normal yet, but a few more injections should really help - and I will get them!

Some research indicates low Vitamin B-12 may lead to depression and mood disorders, memory failure, constipation, weakness and confusion, among a few other symptoms. This may not be covered very often by your insurance, so Angela offers a cash price of $20 per shot. For me, the benefit was well worth that price! Got questions? Call to set up an appointment and discuss what B-12 could do for you.

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