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Today is National......

If you follow facebook, or read the news, etc. chances are you have heard "Today is National (whatever) Day!" Well, healthcare is the same, lots of national days. However, these days are not really to celebrate, but are to raise awareness. Sometimes it is something simple, such as December's National Influenza Vaccination week (Dec. 2-8 in 2018)! Other times, it is something that seems obscure (June-National Sclerodomera Awareness month). But to the people who are coping with whatever national day of the week/month it is, it can be very tough.

We want you to know that you are not alone. If you are feeling rough, or "not right" or have a concern, visit a healthcare provider. Your symptoms may be nothing, and they may be something. The most important thing is: don't ignore them.

One of those things where you "just don't feel right" that may be able to be improved is hormone imbalance. At Walnut Street Health & Wellness, we take this possibly hidden problem very seriously. With lab tests, we can help you determine if your body is producing the hormones you need to feel better. Then, we determine what the best course of treatment is for you. So - don't ignore your feelings!

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