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Women's Health

Let's face it. Women's body's are meant to deal with hormones most of our lives. At least, they are supposed to! Monthly cycles of up, down, fatigue, and then there's the "Don't even look at me" mood. Pregnancy - well, THERE'S a fun time! And then there's the time when our bodies start shutting down the cycle. All in all, we may just deal with our emotions, our ups and downs. Our families live thru it with us.

But does it really need to such a challenge? Maybe not! We want women to feel good, and we are here to encourage you every step of the way. We want to encourage you first of all - make an appointment for a physical. Tell us the way you feel. A simple blood test, which runs a panel of hormone tests, can help determine where your body may be needing a little boost. Remember, you also need a pap smear, a breast exam, and a mammogram. These tests are there to catch problems early on.

We are happy to help you set a few goals: lose weight, drink more water, take appropriate supplements, eat right. Make the promise to yourself to feel your best. Pick up the phone and call us! May 13-19th is National Women's Health Week, what better time to start your journey on feeling great?

Oh - and we know pregnancy can be the best time for some women! Can't wait to hear your story.

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