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Sun Damage

Sunny days are here! Warmth in the spring, hot in the summer. Those sunny days can brighten our mood and get us outside to enjoy nature. On the opposite end of the great things sun gives us, is skin cancer. Perhaps of all the cancers we are susceptible to, skin cancer seems rather "no big deal." In actuality, it is a huge deal. Left unchecked, a skin cancer may invade surrounding cells, including nerves and bones.

Skin cancer often is difficult for people to recognize, and, since skin is in those places that aren't easily seen, can go unnoticed. This is one of the services we offer! During a physical, we can view your back, scalp, etc. to see if anything looks wrong. Or if you are worried about a spot, make an appointment for a skin check. While we do remove some skin abnormalities, we have resources to refer you on if we find something more.

Pay attention to taking care of your skin. Wear sunscreen and hats. Be very cautious about tanning, indoors or out! Finally, let us help if you have questions.

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