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Do you lock up your valuables but overlook your home and yourself? Easy to do, we are often taught growing up of the importance of keeping a lock box or safe for your important papers.

June is National Safety Month. We want to encourage you to take the time to evaluate your safety! It doesn't have to take long, and could save your life, or your loved ones. One of the MOST IMPORTANT is driving - don't drive distracted. Pull over to answer your texts. Wait. And of course, evaluate your car - tires, fluids, etc.

Did you know most accidents occur in the home? Take a look around for hazards! A loose carpet or stairstep can lead to a serious fall. "Stuff" around your stove can fall on a hot burner. Improper working furnaces, hot water heaters, etc. can lead to serious problems.

Perhaps most important is your plan of action. Do you have a safe spot designated for a tornado? Do you have a meeting place that is safe outside of the home in case the home goes? Are emergency numbers posted somewhere for all? Do you have a safety kit in place in the home and the car? These are just a few of the things to think of this month as you protect your family.

We are available during our working hours in case of an accident. (bad burns, broken bones, trouble breathing or severe bleeding = emergency room!) Don't hesitate to stop in if you have an accident. We will help as quickly as possible.

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