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That is one thing that comes to mind in July. The heat. But then, July also offers the 4th, where we celebrate our freedom, and sweet corn, fresh off the stalk, and veggies from the garden - or farmer's market!

July is a great month to get out of your food rut, and change to a lighter fare. Use your grill to make a special meal - grill some veggies along with planked salmon. Go with a regular burger with grilled sweet corn. Look for some early tomatoes and have a caprese salad. Make up some kabobs with chunks of veggies and even fruit.

Why are we trying to make your mouth water? Because changing up your diet can make a huge difference in your health and weight! Veggies tend to fill you up with very low calorie intake, and what a difference in the taste of fresh veggies! Add some fun exercise (swimming, anyone?) and you may find yourself slimming down.

You know at Walnut Street Health & Wellness we practice what we preach! Water is our drink of choice, and snacks are often fruit or veggies. Need some help in learning how to change up your diet routine? Give us a call, we're here to share our tips!

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