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Review your medications!

Every time you visit your health care provider, plan on reviewing your medication list! It is so important that your provider knows exactly what you are taking, especially if you go to more than one provider.

As wonderful as medicine is, taking it improperly or taking it with a drug that does the opposite is not what you want.

*Take your list and/or your medicines with you to your appointments.

*Take your drugs as prescribed - do not cut back or take more unless you have discussed with your healthcare provider.

*Best to take your drugs with water - unless you are told different. Some drugs must be taken with food.

*Also talk about what non-prescription medicines you take, such as pain relievers, vitamins, supplements.

*Do not take drugs prescribed to others.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Your healthcare provider or pharmacist can help you understand WHY you are being given a prescription and what it is for.

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