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We Love our Patients!

At Walnut Street Health and Wellness, we value our patients! We welcome your input in your care. We want you to ask questions! And most importantly, we want you to tell your friends about us. We take pride in hearing that you referred a new patient to us.

We recently changed our phone number (877-424-9321) so that we could take advantage of voicemail. When you call us, press 1 to make an appointment or pay your bill with a credit/debit card; press 2 for the nursing staff; and press 3 for billing. If we are unable to answer your call right away, please leave us a message so we can get back to you!

We are also asking for your copayment at the time you are seen. This saves you time and a stamp later in the month. We send statements when there is a new, unpaid charge that insurance tells us you owe. We then send a statement at 30, 60, and 90 days. Sometimes, especially the first of the year, deductibles can be high for patients. We will gladly accept payments. We want to work with you to ensure your bill is paid in full within 90 days. If you need additional time, call our office, extension 3.

If there are other ways we can help you to improve your health, let us know. Follow us on facebook and here on our website in 2017 as we continue to bring you new things.

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