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Physicals for MEN

Chances are, you are a woman reading this blog. Today, we want to talk about MEN, and in particular, your role in keeping them healthy. Obviously, the more you take your health seriously, so will the men in your life. But while you may come in for a yearly check up or more often for health problems, the men tend to put off going to the doctor.

June is a perfect time to discuss his health, and a reminder that he needs a yearly check up too. Make sure he picks up the phone today, and makes an appointment! Routine physicals are often covered by insurance, as they have learned that preventative care can make a huge impact on ongoing health. For instance, a person may "feel fine" but really have high blood pressure. Or abnormal lab results. Or maybe has kept a concern quiet.

At Walnut Street Health & Wellness we take the time to listen to you. Plus we want you to feel your best! We treat women, men, and children, and hope to see you soon!

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