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Every Bunny Needs.......

WATER! Yes, it is that simple. Water is often taken for granted here. While other countries struggle to have clean water at their fingertips, we turn on a faucet and there it is!

At Walnut Street Health and Wellness, we keep water handy in the reception room, and encourage everyone to drink the 64 ounces recommended every day! And yes, some of us add some of those flavor drops!

But just as nice is a slice of lemon (or lime!) to give a little boost. There are ways to add water to your day. Start the day off with a glass to rehydrate after sleep. Get yourself a BIG glass that is just for you - something pretty, or a picture that speaks to you. Have a "to go" bottle and fill it before you head off. Drink some at intervals....stop lights....before and after going into stores, etc.

Enough water may help relieve fatigue, headaches, and your body's natural rhythm. By drinking water before and during meals, you will fill up faster and may feel fuller....and may lose weight!

So - start today. Grab that glass...go to your faucet...and drink to your health!


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